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When properly maintained, some sump pumps can last for decades without severe issues. However, as soon as it begins reclaiming debris, you may be facing a flooded basement area.
Although these pump systems work just enough, several components must work together to drain water away. And when severe storms or frigid snow falls, you can’t afford for your pump to quit.
Whether you rely on a submersible sump pump or a pedestal model, All Star Plumbing Chicago is always the best choice for your repairs. We offer more options for complete maintenance needs, keeping you dry and safe for longer.
Choose us whenever your sump pumps encounter problems, and we guarantee the most convenient service each time. No one knows their way around your motors like our team does.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Basement pumps work through a serious of valves that allow the system to know when water starts pooling. As soon as the floater valve lifts away from the rest of the unit, it should begin sucking the water away.

Unfortunately, each part of the pump may form issues independent of the rest of the machine. That can mean any number of things causing it to quit on your home. Whether you are experiencing faulty wiring, inoperable floater valves, clogged impeller or anything else, our team knows how to repair or replace them. Or, if you have begun shopping for a new pump installation, we can help with that as well.

Even if you are unsure what the issue might be, our team has the experience needed to get to the bottom of it. Choose us for the best in Chicago IL sump pump repairs.

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